With WORD Force, learning to read is an adventure.

Reading games designed by literacy experts and baked with fun. WORD Force will help your child become a stronger reader - for free.

WORD Force Reading Adventures is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Your young reader will be a hero - complete with a zany sidekick.

Silly, superhero storylines help young readers explore new worlds and develop their reading skills. Play at home, at school, and everywhere in between.

What they’ll learn

Learners will practice key reading skills as they play WORD Force.

  • Phonological awareness skills like rhyming (cat, sat)
  • Phonics skills like putting alphabet letters together to make written words
  • Spelling words like cat, sock, bike, and rain
  • Vocabulary building to know and use many words
  • Reading comprehension skills to understand the meaning of stories

Parents and teachers love WORD Force

"Both my kids have really enjoyed the games! Charlie, our kindergartner, was the first to play. He loves the interaction, animation, and silliness...Caroline, our nearly 4-year-old, has also become interested in the games after watching her brother. This morning we worked on rhyming and she had a blast. As two working parents, we are so grateful to EVERFI & Truist for allowing students access to these great tools."

Parent in Massachusetts

“These reading games are awesome! A few days ago, my 5-year-old did not know how to rhyme and was having trouble with a number of letter sounds. Now he is pointing out the first letter of every object he sees and pretending he is “Robot Pig,” one of the characters in the game. My partner and I were blown away at the change. The diverse characters and silly narratives hooked him instantly, and I feel good knowing that his screentime is active learning time.”

Parent in Virginia

Our mission

Support young readers with a high-quality, free game that they can play at school, home, and everywhere in between.